Tax Assessor

Office: (906) 875-3212 x104
Cell: (906) 282-5848

The Assessor is appointed by the city council and employed under a contract.
The Assessor’s duties are:

  • Prepare all regular and special assessment rolls in accordance with statutes.
  • Serve as the Clerk of the Board of Review
  • Maintain records for all property in the city showing the value of the land, buildings, and any improvements made to them
  • Conduct field visits to property that has been issued a building permit for improvements to insure a correct assessment of the property
  • Prepare and give notice of any increase in the assessed value of any property or the addition of any property to the tax roll to the owner of record
  • Provide forms for any matters related to the tax roll for the city
  • Certify the tax roll annually

Property Tax Information

Click on the link for property tax information:

Pay Property Taxes On-line

  • To pay a tax bill – there will be a link here when you are able to pay the taxes online.
  • Pay Your Utility Bill Over the Phone by Calling 1-855-288-0681
    • A convenience fee will be charged by Paymentus Corporation for any of these services.
    • Should you encounter any problems with your payment please call Tammy at (906) 875-3212 X 102 during regular business hours (8:30 AM – 3:00 PM Tuesday – Friday). For assistance 24/7 call Paymentus Corporation at 1-800-420-1663 or email inquiries to
    • When entering your account number please be sure to enter all 13 digits with NO dashes.
  • To Sign up for Direct Payment or to sign up for e-billing, call Tammy Hendrickson at (906) 875-3212 X 102 or send an email to

Board of Review

The Board of Review is comprised of three (3) property owners, who are registered electors of the city, and who are appointed by the city council for an indefinite term. These property owners cannot be a city officer or employee or a candidate for elective office.

Board of Review members: Mark Simeoni, Carol Foucault, and Carey Camarata

The Board of Review meets annually in February, March, July, and December.

The duties of the Board of Review are:

  • To revise and correct assessments
  • To hear complaints of all persons considering themselves aggrieved by assessments and correct the roll if it appears that any property has been wrongfully assessed or omitted
  • Review the tax roll according to the facts existing on tax day*

*Tax Day is defined as December 31st of each year.

Board of Review Schedule – Coming soon