Forest Park School District

Area Served

There are 640 square miles in the Forest Park School District made up of the Townships of Crystal Falls, Hematite, Mansfield and Mastodon. Within these townships are the villages of Amasa and Alpha and the City of Crystal Falls. Population of the overall area is 3,054 as of the 2000 census.


The Forest Park High School building was erected in 1970 and includes a full size gymnasium for physical education and indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball. It also boasts of a fully equipped weight lifting area. This gym also has a full size stage area for various presentations such as chorus and band concerts, plays, and graduation ceremonies. In addition to classrooms and the High School Principal’s office, the High School building houses the Superintendent’s office, library, cafeteria, and music department for the school district.

The Forest Park Grade School building was built in 1998. It too has a gymnasium for the promotion of physical education of the youth. A part of this facility houses a day-care center run by the Forest Park Community School program.


The Forest Park School District has an outstanding sports program. All the area schools of competition know that the “Trojans” are a force to be reckoned with. The district has some fantastic programs including basketball, football, volleyball, track, tennis, and golf.

Forest Park Marching band


Forest Park can also boast of an exceptional music department. The program starts with the grade school children and involves the students right up the grades to their graduations. The High School Marching Band leads off all the local parades and performs at many community events. They are the main event at the local football game at halftime as they march in formation and perform on the field. The powerful sounds of the concert bands make all the parents proud as they attend the various concerts held throughout the school year.