Lincoln Park Playground

Lincoln Park Playground

Where is Lincoln Park? Lincoln Park, also known as the Western Park, is the grassy area at the top of the Paint River Boardwalk along the East bank of the beautiful Paint River. This park has been owned and maintained by the City of Crystal Falls since 1925.

The only playground equipment at this park was an old swing set. The Lincoln Park Playground Committee is a small group of citizens dedicated to seeing that this swing was updated and some new pieces of equipment were added for the children to enjoy.

When the former VJ Day Committee disbanded in 2005 they gave the City $1,000 to use toward the placement of playground equipment at Lincoln Park. In addition, they also gave a float trailer, which the City later sold, adding another $400 to the funds for Lincoln Park. Those funds were invested by the City in hopes that additional monies could be allocated in the future to purchase playground equipment for the park. Playground equipment is very expensive and the City has been struggling in these difficult economic times with various other projects and has been unable to add to the playground funds. That’s why the Lincoln Park Playground Committee was formed to add to the funds and get this playground built!

The Lincoln Park Playground Committee selected a variety of pieces of equipment for this project that will allow for the various development stages of youths 2 to 12 years old. The playground has been designed with safety in mind with a suitable surface installed beneath the structures.
The Lincoln Park Playground Project has been sponsored in part through a grant from the Dickinson Area Community Foundation and the Crystal Falls Area Community Fund with a grant of $4,659.52!

The grand opening of the park was held on August 6, 2009.