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Welcome to beautiful historic Crystal Falls, Michigan! We invite you to browse our website to see for yourself what our beautiful city of Crystal Falls has to offer. We have outdoor recreation such as fishing, hunting, boating, camping, skiing, hiking, or snowmobiling, our community covers all bases. Are you seeking a stress-free rural area to relax and raise a family in a safe environment? We have that too, all amidst clean air and water within a scenic surrounding.

Enjoy your visit of the City of Crystal Falls past, present & future along the banks of the beautiful Paint River. Crystal Falls, Michigan is located in the heart of Iron County, and has plenty to offer the potential newcomer.

In 1994 the City of Crystal Falls was selected as one of 30 finalist communities in the 1994 All-American City Award competition. Rev. Cy Warmanen, chairman of the greater Crystal Falls All-American City Award Committee said that Crystal Falls’ entry competed with over 140 other entries for the Finalist category. Learn more by clicking here.

The restoration of the Harbour House, Theatre and Bendick Building, which became the Museum, Crystal Theatre and Good Times Contemporary Center and downtown revitalization, accomplished through cooperation of businesses, government and individuals, played a strong hand in the selection of Crystal Falls as a 1994 All-American City Finalist. What impressed the All-American City Award Screening Committee and Jury was the use of cultural and historic preservation to promote both downtown development and citizen involvement.

City of Crystal Falls City Hall sign
Fire truck
Picnic gathering

Crystal Theatre

Jurors were particularly struck by the successful effort to renovate an abandoned theatre into a performing arts facility. It appears the entire community contributed time and effort into the repairing, refurbishing and rebuilding the theatre.

Harbour House Museum

Interested in preserving the rich heritage of he community, a volunteer group came together to establish a folk museum and revitalize Crystal Falls’ picturesque downtown. The renovation of the Harbour House and the community’s careful attention to the time periods and topics included in the museum completely impressed the jury.

Crystal Falls Contemporary Center

Aware of the problem of bored and troubled youth, the community purchased and restored the old city hall to be used as a youth center. Opened in 1991, the Good Times Contemporary Center offers dances, arts programs and a place for youth to “hang out”. The Jury was compelled by Crystal Falls’ attempts to address the needs of both its old and young populations.

It was noted by the All-American Cities Screening Committee and Jury that these three projects “MADE THE COMMUNITY SING AGAIN”.

The Crystal Falls All-American City Award committee consisted of Lawrence Hegstrom, then Mayor of the City of Crystal Falls, Donald Boulanger, then Councilor of the City of Crystal Falls, Bette Premo of White Water Associates, C. Joseph Schwedler, Probate Judge and Cy Warmanen of Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp.

The All-American City Presentation Committee consisted of Rev. Cy Warmanen, Donald Boulanger, Packy Eckola, Peter Warmanen, and Grace Hall. They traveled to Oakland, California, June 8 – 12, 1994, as representatives of the City in an attempt to win a spot as a prestigious top 10 All-American City. Although their efforts were not successful, it was not for lack of trying. In any case, the Crystal Theatre, Harbour House Museum, and the Contemporary Center are all still a vital part of our “City of Community Pride”.

The competition, a program of the National Civic League (NCL), has been presented annually since 1949 and aimed at recognizing excellence in local efforts to strengthen the civic infrastructure of America’s communities. The NCL, founded in 1894, by civic reformers as an effort to solve community problems through the cooperation of business, government and individuals at the local level. Based in Denver, Colorado, the NCL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational/advocacy organization.

Main street in Crystal Falls
Canoe race
4th of July Parade on Superior Ave