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Trout Streams



Paint RiverIts just getting light in the east as you pull on your waders.  A few birds are chirping to welcome the dawn.  It takes a few minutes to gather all of the gear that every trout fisherman must don before entering the stream.  The net, creel, box of flies, maybe some #8 hooks and a few "garden hackle."  Sounds like you're ready to start.

When you get to the stream it's a good idea to "study the water."  Hmm!   No Hatches are on, so no need to tie on the #14 Adams.  What will it be?   Nymph, wet, streamer?  Maybe one of the "garden hackle."    No, save those in case the flies don't work.  They're always good for the last resort.   Tie on the streamer and start fishing.

A Crystal Falls Catch!

The water is crystal clear.  The bottom is good solid gravel.  A few false casts and the streamer hits the water.  A few casts later and "bang!" a brookie hits. A few moments and you land your first fish of the day.  You'll probably let the fish lay in your hand for a few minutes as you admire the beauty of a native brook trout.  You remove the hook and  let it return to the water.  You'll get a bigger one when you get down to your favorite spot.

Sound pretty good?  Well this is what to expect when you fish the Blue Ribbon Trout Streams of Iron County.  Beautiful scenery, quiet solitude and some of the best doggone fishing you've every experienced.  Come on up and give it a try.


Early Morning Fishing in the Fog-Michigamme Reservoir

In addition to our trout fishery, hundreds of nearby lakes and several scenic rivers provide plenty of action for walleye, muskey, bass, crappie, as well as all the wonderful pan-fishing your family can enjoy.

Peavey PondWithin minutes of Crystal Falls lie two flowages (Michigamme Reservoir and Peavey Falls Pond) which are managed by Wisconsin Electric Co.  These flowages provide a semi-wilderness experience reminiscent of Northern Canada.  Combined, these two recreational areas provide over 10,000 acres of superb fishing, numerous islands, and over 200 miles of virtually undeveloped shoreline. For a map of this recreation area click here.

What a way to experience the great north woods!