City Charter
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Charter Preamble
Article I
Article II





Article I Powers of the City

1.01 Powers of the City

1.02 Construction

1.03 Intergovernmental Relations

1.04 Organization of Government

Article II City Council

2.01 General Powers and Duties

2.02 Composition, Eligibility, Election and Terms

2.03 Mayor

2.04 Compensation; expenses

2.05 Prohibitions

2.06 Vacancies

2.07 Judge of Qualifications

2.08 City Clerk

2.09 Independent Audit

2.10 Procedure

2.11 Action Requiring an Ordinance

2.12 Ordinances in General

2.13 Emergency Ordinances

2.14 Code of Technical Regulations

2.15 Authentication and Recording; Printing

2.16 Initiative and Referendum

2.17 Providing for Public Health and Safety

Article III City Manager

3.01 Appointment; Qualifications; Compensation

3.02 Removal

3.03 Acting City Manager

3.04 Power and Duties of the City Manager

Article IV Departments, Offices, and Agencies

4.01 General Provisions

4.02 Personnel System

4.03 Legal Officer

4.04 Clerk; Functions and Duties

4.05 Treasurer; Functions and Duties

4.06 Assessor; Functions and Duties

4.07 Board of Review

4.08 Planning

Article V Financial Procedures

5.01 Fiscal Year

5.02 Submission of Budget and Budget Message

5.03 Budget Message

5.04 Budget

5.05 City Council Action on Budget

5.06 Appropriation and Revenue Resolution

5.07 Amendments after Adoption

5.08 Lapse of Appropriations

5.09 Overspending of Appropriations Prohibited

5.10 Capital Program

5.11 City Council Action on Capital Program

5.12 Public Records

Article VI Taxation

6.01 Power to Tax: Tax Limit

6.02 Subject of Taxation

6.03 Exemption

6.04 Tax Day

6.05 Preparation of the Assessment Roll

6.06 Meeting of the Board of Review

6.07 Notice of Meetings

6.08 Endorsement of Roll

6.09 Clerk to Certify Tax Levy

6.10 City Tax Roll

6.11 Tax Roll Certified for Collection

6.12 Tax lien on Property

6.13 Taxes Due; Notification Thereof

6.14 Collection Fees

6.15 Failure or Refusal to Pay Tax

6.16 Delinquent Tax Roll to County Treasurer

6.17 State, County, School and other taxes

Article VII Elections

7.01 City Elections

7.02 Voting Wards/Precincts

7.03 Election Commission

Article VIII General Provisions

8.01 Conflicts of Interest; Board of Ethics

Article IX Charter Amendments

9.01 Amendments

Article X Transition/Separability Provision

10.01 Officer and Employees Rights and Privileges Preserved

10.02 Pending Matters

10.03 State and Municipal Laws

10.04 Schedule

10.05 Separability

Article XI Municipal Utilities

11.01 General Powers Respecting Utilities

11.02 Management of Municipally Owned or Operated Utilities

11.03 Rates

11.04 Utility Rates and Charges - Collections

11.06 Utility Finances

11.07 Power Plant Reserve Fund

Article XII Public Utility Franchises

12.01 Franchised Remain in Effect

12.02 Granting of Public Utility Franchises

12.03 Conditions of Public Utility Franchise

12.04 Regulation of Rates

12.05 Use of Public Places by Utilities